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Predator Heavy Metal Band | True Heavy Metal That Fans Love

Heavy Hittin' band Predator has released it's second earth shaking album and is currently recording their third album to be released in the coming months.  Predator's music is melodic and contains prolific lyrics that separates them from the other heavy metal bands.  Checkout their music for yourself and see if they are not only capable of thunderous sounds, but songs with meaning.


Velocity Drone | Heavy Metal | Grindcore Music

Velocity Drone is a band that focuses more on music than vocals and therefore many songs do not have traditional lyrics, but instead a mysterious nature.  Many people find this to be a refreshing change as they can appreciate the uniqueness of their style.  Additionally, the rhythms and grinding riffs will be sure to shock you into a obliteration of head banging.  A new album is currently in production, but you can check out a few of their songs contributed to a project called the United Song Alliance that focused on raising money to help those in need.

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